Training & workshops – for Managers of international aid agencies

The Humanitarian offers a range of predominantly 1-day workshops for personnel working in organizations whose roles encompass responsibility for managing or supporting the process of deploying humanitarian aid or development workers on international assignments.

The workshop program has been formulated to cater for the variety of interest and requests made by managers and organizations over many years. All training adopts a strongly applied and tailored focus and workshops have been designed so that psychosocial support can be routinely and systematically integrated within the management roles and pastoral support systems of organizations.

This range of workshops are available for request by Australian based organisations and can be tailored for in-house teams.

WS1 Psychosocial preparation of staff and volunteers for deployment
WS2 Facilitating assignment care planning
WS3 Supporting aid workers at the end of their assignments
WS4 Preventing & managing burnout
WS5 Giving feedback
WS6 Emotional first aid
WS7 Principles of psychological & mental health first aid
WS8 Foundation skills in mentoring for capacity development
WS9 Solution focused peer support (Facilitated practical problem solving & coaching day)

For workshop or training enquiries, please email: or phone 1300 057 303.