Psychological screening for assignment suitability

Psychological screening conducted by a psychologist can value add to existing HR or professional development processes.

For example:

  • Psychological screening can complement existing recruitment processes to help identify strength of match with a desired competency set for a particular role and context of assignment.
  • Psychological screening can also be used to support the professional development program of managers and those in leadership positions by offering feedback, psychoeducation and an agenda for strengthening performance associated with role function.
  • Psychological screening can assist teams to develop stronger insights into their own personal styles and those with whom they work. It can support the positive harnessing of diversity within a team and strengthen collaborative processes.

The psychological screening process comprises both online psychological testing and a psychosocial interview.

Desired objectives, processes and outcomes of the screening are discussed with the organization and the person/s undertaking the screening prior to the commencement of the process and in an informed manner.

A written report of the outcomes of the screening is provided to the requesting organization with its purpose, structure and length also being discussed prior to the commencement of the screening process.

Costs for screening will vary depending on the nature of relevant testing required, time involved and report required.

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