Pre-deployment consultation

This is a pre-deployment service for staff or volunteers heading to work overseas.

The session involves a 2.5 hour consultation to identify:

  • Perceived psychosocial risk factors associated with the deployment
  • Motivational risk factors
  • Personal stress factors
  • Mental health risk factors
  • Key points of adjustment stress
  • Personal signs of stress
  • Effective resilient strategies & coping skills
  • Social support mechanisms
  • Main organizational support policies & protocols to research

The session also involves psychoeducation, brief mindfulness training and biofeedback to ensure mastery of regulated breathing techniques and insight into how the mind and body works together in times of stress or threat.

Prospective deployees will take away a completed personalized deployment care plan and a number of handouts with links to relevant resources.

To book a session, submit the appointment request form or email

Cost of this service is $ 450 (excl. gst) for individuals and $ 550 (excl. gst) for pairs or small groups (shared fee).

If feedback is required, a brief written or verbal report will be charged an additional fee of $ 90

(Note that 10% GST will be additional if services are being requested and paid for by an employer or organization)

To enquire about pre-deployment consultation services, please email or call 1300 057 303