Post-deployment consultation

A post-deployment debriefing or consultation service is offered for staff or volunteers returning from an overseas assignment.

To book a session/appointment
  • For organizations wishing to arrange a post-deployment debriefing appointment for a member of staff, delegate or volunteer, please authorise sessions using this form:
  • For individual staff members/clients whose organisation has authorised consultations, you will be contacted by email on receipt of your organisation’s authorisation and be sent a link to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.
  • For individual staff members/clients wishing to book and pay for a post-deployment session/appointment independently, please click here.

1.5-2 hours should be allowed for the first session.

Most organizations offer personnel up to four sessions within a 6 month time frame of their assignment ending.

For some people, one session is sufficient.

The specific goals of each session will differ and is dependent on a number of factors such as:

  • The length of time since the assignment ended;
  • The experience and prior exposure of the deployee to stressful or traumatic factors encountered on assignment;
  • The nature of challenges experienced on the assignment and if these were anticipated;
  • The specific nature of the personal, organizational and project issues that arose during the course of the assignment;
  • The effectiveness of support offered;
  • The system of support and networks that the deployee is returning to;
  • The goals and future vocational orientation of the returning deployee;
  • The status of their personal relationships;
  • Professional and financial obligations;
  • The deployee’s current status of mental and physical health;
  • Knowledge and effectiveness of coping strategies at the reintegration phase of a deployment

The consultation involves a combination of screening (related to mental health, resilience & coping and resource support), personal narrative, integrative reflection, psychoeducation, brief mindfulness coaching and recommendations.

Returning deployees will be given handouts and links to relevant resources as may be required.

Fees 60mins AUD $ 210 (excl. gst)
90mins AUD $ 300 (excl. gst)
120mins AUD $ 390 (excl. gst)

(Note that 10% GST will be additional if services are being requested and paid for by an employer or organization)