Facilitation & reflections

Facilitation and reflection services can assist teams to increase their levels of shared understanding of issues of a psychosocial nature.

Examples of facilitation services requested include:

  • Facilitating peer consultation meetings to enable sharing of perspective, experience and strategies for problem-solving
  • Working with a team returning from field work or deployment to support learning and integration of their experiences through reflection and psychosocial education
  • Facilitating a reflection on core values of the organization to gain a shared understanding of how these values play out or are operationalized in each team member’s roles
  • Supporting a reflection of the impact of organizational change on a team and individuals within the team and facilitating priorities for adjusting to change
  • Facilitating an evaluation on the efficacy of organizational strategies to mitigate workplace stress
  • Facilitating a team engagement session

To enquire about facilitation services, please email psy@thehumanitarian.com.au or call 1300 057 303